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Why I Love Programming

Software development, in a nutshell, is a disciplined approach to creating software to meet a need.  It involves many activities including design, testing, QA, project management and more.   This is what I do professionally and can honestly say I enjoy it.

Programming, on the other hand, is raw slinging of code. It is writing code to make your computer do something; anything.  Sure, software development involves a good deal of actual programming but I think you  need to distinguish the two.

One thing I know for sure about about programming itself is that I love it! Here is why why:

  1. You get to create stuff. When I was a kid I used to daydream about inventing things.  When I program something, I am creating something that didn’t exist before.
  2. It is challenging. Being faced with different problems to solve causes my mind to be actively engaged.
  3. It is powerful. I can do things with software that are virtually impossible without it. Knowing how to leverage technology can open the door to new possibilities.
  4. It is fun! I know it may sound crazy to normal people, but when I program I am having fun (most of the time at least).  No, really, fun like the fun I had as a kid going to the water park in the summertime or playing football with the guys in the neighborhood.

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