In my limited spare time I like to work on open source software projects.  Not only do I find it fun and a great way to keep learning new things, I have benefited greatly from other OSS projects and am glad to give back a little.  Here are the active projects I own and maintain.

jQuery googleslides

A jQuery plugin to display your Google Photos, including Picasa and Google+ albums in a slideshow format.  It supports photo captions, scaling, randomization, and other useful options.  There is an easy to use WordPress plugin available as well.

First Release: February 2012

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Cron Expression Descriptor

*/5 * * * * -> "Every 5 minutes"

A C# library that converts cron expressions into localized human readable strings.  It is available as a NuGet package.

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First Release: December 2011

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A Node.js app that works with the VISTA-ICM module to control VISTA (10/15/20/21/50/128/250) alarm panels. It provides a clean web interface and event handling through a hook architecture.
First Release: August 2013

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Other Projects

  • cRonstrue - A JavaScript library that converts cron expressions into human readable descriptions (ported to JavsScript from cron-expression-descriptor).
  • dbup-consolescripts - NuGet Package Manager Console scripts for DbUp
  • dbup-sqlserver-scripting - SQL Server object definition scripting for DbUp (NuGet, SQL Server)
  • veritas - A web application for social groups to share contact info, calendar events, track attendance and more. (Rails, jQuery, MySQL)
  • openbank - A friendly REST service wrapper for OFX bank servers (Nancy, C#, PhantomJS, CasperJS)
  • Bento Budget - Envelope based budgeting web application (Rails, MySQL, jQuery)
  • ansible-rails - Ansible playbooks for provisioning and depoying to a Rails webserver
  • jenkins-neptune-theme - A Jenkins style theme
  • picasawebsync - Synchronizes local photos and videos to online Picasa Web Albums (C#)
  • pedamorf - A PDF conversion server for Windows that supports documents, text, images, html and urls (C#, WCF, Windows Service, wkhtmltopdf)