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    PostgreSQL has a really interesting and powerful construct called SELECT DISTINCT ON. No, this is not a typical DISTINCT. This is different. It is perfect when you have groups of data that are similar and want to pull a single record out of each group, based on a specific ordering.

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  • Bank Alerts to YNAB

    I have been really busy for the past few months at YNAB working on the new Public API. It’s been a lot of fun, hard work, and learning along the way. I have really enjoyed seeing what the community has done with the API so far as well.

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  • My Windows 95 Story

    I was cleaning out one of my drawers today and came across this old gem.

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  • Vue.js template featuring TypeScript and Bulma

    I’ve been getting more and more into Vue.js lately because it’s awesome and feels good. Plus, it’s not React so using it seems counter-culture and edgy, FTW. Also, Vue has improved TypeScript support and I’ve been checking that out. Oh, and I keep hearing about this new CSS framework called Bulma that I want to play around with. What is a developer to do with all these thin...

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  • CLI apps in TypeScript via ts-node

    I really like the ts-node project. It allows you to run TypeScript in Node.js directly, without having to run the files through the TypeScript compiler (tsc), first. It does this by registering a handler for files with the .ts or .tsx file extentions and relying upon ts-node to marshall back and forth to the TypeS...

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