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  • Vue.js template featuring TypeScript and Bulma

    I’ve been getting more and more into Vue.js lately because it’s awesome and feels good. Plus, it’s not React so using it seems counter-culture and edgy, FTW. Also, Vue has improved TypeScript support and I’ve been checking that out. Oh, and I keep hearing about this new CSS framework called Bulma that I want to play around with. What is a developer to do with all these thin...

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  • CLI apps in TypeScript via ts-node

    I really like the ts-node project. It allows you to run TypeScript in Node.js directly, without having to run the files through the TypeScript compiler (tsc), first. It does this by registering a handler for files with the .ts or .tsx file extentions and relying upon ts-node to marshall back and forth to the TypeS...

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  • Things I have learned working remotely for 3 years

    Laptop on Test

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  • Making an app with my daughter

    I have been wanting to spur STEM interest in my 6, soon to be 7, year-old daughter recently and haven’t been quite sure of the best avenue to do so until yesterday. Earlier in the day yesterday, I was annotating a screenshot I had taken in Monosnap while she looked on. She asked some curious questions like ...

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  • TIL: psql with VS Code

    I was catching up on my Feedly yesterday and ran across Postgres Hidden Gems by Craig Kerstein. There are some really neat things in that list! One thing that caught my eye was this one:

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