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  • Saying Goodbye to Jekyll

    I am saying goodbye to Jekyll after using it for 4 years to build my blog here at I am transitioning to a static site generator I wrote called xertz and deployment handled by Netlify.

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  • Debugging TypeScript in VSCode

    VSCode, ts-node, debugging

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  • A Fresh Look at TypeScript

    More and more people and projects are using TypeScript today! That’s interesting because in the world of JavaScript it’s not too common for a project’s use to accelerate years after it was released (2012).

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  • My External Display Setup

    I am really happy with my multiple display arrangement and would like to share my setup.

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    PostgreSQL has a really interesting and powerful construct called SELECT DISTINCT ON. No, this is not a typical DISTINCT. This is different. It is perfect when you have groups of data that are similar and want to pull a single record out of each group, based on a specific ordering.

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