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Netlify Status

This blog uses xertz, a static site generator.


Run npx xertz new "[title]" to create a file in posts/ with a name in the format of YYYY-MM-DD-title.md.

Code Formatting

Code formatting is handled by Prism.js. Simply use the triple backtick Markdown syntax (i.e. ```js) with a supported format language. The theme file is located at content/styles/prism.css. To chose a different theme, look at this repository.


Running npx xertz serve will build the site and run a local web server listening at http://localhost:8080, pointing to the _dist/ folder. Any changes to the content/ folder will rebuild the site.


Deployment is handled by Netlify using the netlify.toml config file. Netlify will trigger a build / deploy when changes are pushed up to this repository.

Social Posting

Zapier is configured to cross post new blog posts found on the RSS feed to Twitter and LinkedIn.