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New Project: pedamorf

There have been many many times when I need to convert something to PDF format from a back-end application.  It seems like it’s hard to find a tool to do the job the way I want it done.  I’ve resorted to third-party tools on occasion but hate overpaying for tools that bother me with their annoying licensing tricks and do more than what I need for the price I pay.  I decided I needed a server that would accept many types of sources (documents, images, Urls, etc.) and convert them to PDF without a fuss.  Fortunately there  are some great open source tools that I was able to leverage to accomplish this.  I decided assimilate these tools and write an production grade, open source PDF conversion server.

Introducing pedamorf

pedamorf is a server that converts documents, images, urls, html and text to PDF. It relies heavily upon the excellent open-source projects wkhtml2pdf, Libre Office and iTextSharp. A .NET client library is provided for easy usage.


More Information and Download

For more information and downloads, visit the project page at: https://github.com/bradymholt/pedamorf

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