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KotlinConf 2019

This week I had the opportunity to attend KotlinConf 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark with 4 other fellow colleagues at YNAB. It was a great time of learning new things, meeting new people, seeing the city of Copenhagen, and spending time with my fellow coworkers and friends.

YNAB at KotlinConf 2019

Kotlin is not a language I use (yet) but at YNAB we are evaluating using its multiplatform capability to enable writing code in Kotlin that can be compiled down to JVM (for Andriod), Native (for iOS), and JavaScript (for Web). The prospect of us being able to share code in this way is compelling so we want to learn more.

I walked away admiring the Kotlin language, impressed with its community, and hopeful for the future in regards to multiplatform support and features.

Sessions I Attended

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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