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jQuery googleslides

I’m a big fan of Picasa.  I love the client app because it is powerful yet easy to use (and free!).  And, I love the integration with the web in Picasa Web Albums because I can use the Picasa Web Albums Data API to control my albums online.

I previously wrote a syncing tool called PicasaWebSync which I run daily to sync my local photos to my online albums automatically.  Using the nice Web Albums app on my iPhone, I can easily pull up photos that were synced automatically.  I don’t have to pull out the USB cord and sync with iTunes, pay for iCloud storage, or buy an iPhone that has a larger capacity.

Anyway, since I have all my albums uploaded and synced automatically I wanted a way to display slideshows on my various websites so I could show some photos off!  I looked around for a nice jQuery plugin to do this, and although there were one or two candidates, I wasn’t fully happy with them.  And, I thought it would be fun to write my own.


jQuery googleslides – A jQuery plugin to display your Google Photos, including Picasa and Google+ albums.

More Info

Go to the project page for more info: http://bradymholt.github.com/jquery-googleslides.

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