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How to Paste an Image Into a PDF With Preview on macOS

The Preview app on macOS is a handy way to edit and annotate PDFs. Unfortunately it is not easy or obvious how to insert an image into an existing PDF page. I recently wanted to do this because I have a PNG image with my signature I wanted to insert into a PDF so I could “sign” it. Preview does have a Signature tool but it does not support using an existing signature image file.

It is possible to paste an image into a PDF page from the clipboard but you must first convert the image to an “object image” first.


  1. Open the source image file and target PDF using Preview
  2. Press the following key sequences:
    • ⌘+A (select the entire image)
    • ⌘+C (copy it to the clipboard)
    • ⌘+V (paste the image on top of the original as an “object image”)
  3. Click on the object image you just pasted on top of the original image
  4. Press ⌘+C to copy the new object image to the clipboard
  5. Click on to target page and press ⌘+V to paste the image into it


Source: I learned how to do this from this How-To Geek article.

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