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Tech Talk: Entity Framework

Today I gave a “tech talk” at work on Entity Framework.  The audience was a mix of .NET, Ruby/Rails, and C++ developers so I tried to keep the content balanced between high-level information (for those unfamiliar) and lower-level details to keep those that work with EF interested and (hopefully) learning something new.  A few questions came up at the end that I didn’t know the answers to so I went and found out and this proved to be a good learning process.  I learned a few things about EF today that I think are helpful.  Anyway, it was a good experience to freshen up on my overall knowledge of Entity Framework and to get more practice presenting in front of technical peers.  Below is the slide deck I used.

By the way, I used slides.com (based on the freaking awesome reveal.js framework) for the presentation.  I was nothing but impressed and will be back next time I need to throw some slides together.

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