I attended Austin Code Camp this past Saturday and enjoyed the time. I know these types of events are a lot of work to plan so kudos to Jimmy Bogard and others who helped make it happen. I went to the following sessions:

  • Designing and Building Hybrid Solutions use Azure Cloud and In Premise ESB – Justin Yanta
  • Onion Architecture for Distributed Systems – Jeffrey Palermo
  • fun(ctional) with f# – Chris Holt
  • Lightning Talks – Various
  • JavaScript MVC Framework Rundown – Amir Rajan

I especially enjoyed learning about F# in Chris Holt’s talk. He did a great job explaining the language and diving into an impressive demo full of code. It really sparked my interest in functional programming languages.

Also, Amir Rajan is a great speaker and gave a great comparison of some of the more popular JavaScript MVC frameworks like Backbone.js, AngularJS and Ember.js. He has first hand knowledge of working with some of the frameworks so his experience was really insightful.

Austin is stacked with development talent and it was a good chance to rub shoulders with the community and see what they are up to. I will be back next year!