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Alexa Skill Presentation

About a year ago I started attending the Node.js Houston (@nodejshouston) Meetup to meet some other JavaScript developers here in Houston and to, of course, learn more about Node.js and JavaScript. It’s a great meetup with a good amount of participation and solid presentations. Awhile back Alan, one of the organizers of the group asked if there was a topic I would like to present and we settled on me giving a presenation about Amazon Alexa which is something I’ve been playing around with quite a bit in the last few months. It was fun to prepare and present the material and I learned more about Alexa along the way.

The topic was “Controlling the Amazon Echo with JavaScript” and my goal was introduce Alexa, the SDK for Node.js, create a simple skill, deploy it to Lamda and test it with the Echo, all during the presentation. I really wanted those in attendance to think “Wow, this looks pretty easy to work with…I think I’ll give it a try myself”.

Here is the presentation:

The skill I used during the presentation was called “Guitar Ace” and is a skill that plays guitar chords and helps you tune your guitar. The repository for the skill is located here: https://github.com/bradymholt/alexa-guitar-ace and the bulk of the code is shown below:

var Alexa = require("alexa-sdk");var Resources = require("./resources");var guitarResources = new Resources("https://s3.amazonaws.com/alexa-guitar-ace");​
exports.handler = function(event, context, callback) {var alexa = Alexa.handler(event, context);​
var handlers = {LaunchRequest: function() {this.emit(":ask","Welcome to Guitar Ace. What do you want me to do?","Say something like play G Major or help me tune my guitar.");},Tune: function() {this.emit(":tell",`Happy Tuning <audio src="/alexa-skill-presentation/${guitarResources.getTuneAudioUri()}" />`);},PlayChord: function() {let slots = this.event.request.intent.slots;let root = slots["Root"].value || this.attributes["currentRoot"];let type = slots["Type"].value;​
    if (!root && !type) {this.emit(":ask","Ok, what chord should I play?","Just say the name of the chord.");} else if (root && guitarResources.hasRoot(root) && !type) {// User said root chord but not the type so ask them for the type​
      // Save current root in session so we will have access to it next timethis.attributes["currentRoot"] = root;​
      this.emit(":ask",`Sure, I can play the ${root} chord.  What type?`,`Say something like ${root} major or ${root} seven.`);} else {this.attributes["currentRoot"] = null;​
      let chord = guitarResources.getChord(root, type);if (!chord) {this.emit(":ask","I do not know that chord.  Please say another chord","Say something like C 7.");} else {this.emit(":tellWithCard",`<audio src="/alexa-skill-presentation/${chord.audioUri}"/>`,​
          chord.name,{ largeImageUrl: chord.imageUri, smallImageUrl: chord.imageUri });}}},"AMAZON.HelpIntent": function() {this.emit(":tell", "Say something like play G Major or tune my guitar.");}};

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