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  • Ansible Module for Modifying JSON

    I just recently finished a side project in Node.js and decided to use Ansible for provisioning a Digital Ocean server and deploying the app to it. As part of the deploy playbook, I needed a way to set production specific config values in a JSON file. There isn’t a native way to do this in Ansible (that I know of at least)... Read More

  • Posting To Facebook with Rails

    Awhile back I developed a Rails app I call “veritas” (GitHub) that is intended to help organize community around a group of people. It was primarily developed for the class my wife and I attend at our church. It allows us to keep a contact list of members with photos, a calendar of events, signups management (class breakfast, baby meals, etc.), sending of SMS messages, and manages the publi... Read More

  • Complexity Creep

    “Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming.” — Brian Kernighan
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  • NuGet Downloads Badges

    NuGet Downloads Badge I’ve been giving a little love to my OSS project Cron Expression Descriptor lately by making some updates, pushing a new release and rolling out a newly designed demo site. Read More

  • Moving my Blog from WordPress to Jekyll

    Jekyll When I first started blogging, I leveraged WordPress because it was the perfect tool at the time. It was easy to setup and use and helped me focus on actually blogging rather than getting distracted with tweaking the settings and trying to get it looking good. WordPress is impressive in its ease of use and amazing community. There are a ridiculous number of high quality th... Read More

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