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  • Complexity Creep

    “Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming.” — Brian Kernighan
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  • NuGet Downloads Badges

    NuGet Downloads Badge I’ve been giving a little love to my OSS project Cron Expression Descriptor lately by making some updates, pushing a new release and rolling out a newly designed demo site. Read More

  • Moving my Blog from WordPress to Jekyll

    Jekyll When I first started blogging, I leveraged WordPress because it was the perfect tool at the time. It was easy to setup and use and helped me focus on actually blogging rather than getting distracted with tweaking the settings and trying to get it looking good. WordPress is impressive in its ease of use and amazing community. There are a ridiculous number of high quality th... Read More

  • Moving my Rails app to DigitalOcean with Ansible

    I recently moved my Rails app to a $5/month DigitalOcean server and used Ansible to do it. It was fun and really eye opening about the power of Ansible as a configuration management and orchestration tool. I assimilated some playbooks and was up and running in no time. To build the server from the ground up I ran: Read More

  • Understanding DNA

    dnaA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to give a presentation at our all-hands company meeting. We take turns each month and my number was up. The topic can be anything and the idea is to teach the team something new. I thought a good topic would be DNA because having previously worked at FamilyTreeDNA for the past 2 years, I le... Read More

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