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  • The Joel Test - Updated for Today

    You have heard of The Joel Test, right? It’s “a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.”¹, from Joel Spolsky the super talented guy behind applications like Excel, Stack Overflow, FogBugz and Trello. I have been familiar with this list for quite some time and have worked for more than one company... Read More

  • Deep Work

    Deep Work Book Recently, at @ynab we all read the book Deep Work by Cal Newport and discussed ways in which we can do our best work, efficicently. I enjo... Read More

  • cRonstrue

    Way back in 2012, I started work on and eventually released a library called cron-expression-descriptor which takes a cron expression and describes the cron scheduled in human readable text. You know, */5 * * * * > "Every 5 minutes". It filled a need and gained quite a bit of usage and contribution activity from the community. In particular, d... Read More

  • Development Tools I Use in 2016

    It’s been 5 years since I wrote the post My Development Toolbelt, inspired to do so by the Hanselman. I thought it was time to write another post on the development tools I use today, in 2016. So, here we go. Read More

  • Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow

    A coworker @ynab recently posted on Slack about how they loved the National Park New Tab Chrome Extenstion. I gave it a try and yes, I love it too. I also have a Chromecast and am often calling my wife in the room to see the amazing photo that just popped on as the latest Chromecast background.... Read More

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