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  • cRonstrue

    Way back in 2012, I started work on and eventually released a library called cron-expression-descriptor which takes a cron expression and describes the cron scheduled in human readable text. You know, */5 * * * * > "Every 5 minutes". It filled a need and gained quite a bit of usage and contribution activity from the community. In particular, d... Read More

  • Development Tools I Use in 2016

    It’s been 5 years since I wrote the post My Development Toolbelt, inspired to do so by the Hanselman. I thought it was time to write another post on the development tools I use today, in 2016. So, here we go. Read More

  • Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow

    A coworker @ynab recently posted on Slack about how they loved the National Park New Tab Chrome Extenstion. I gave it a try and yes, I love it too. I also have a Chromecast and am often calling my wife in the room to see the amazing photo that just popped on as the latest Chromecast background.... Read More

  • dotfiles

    In the last couple of days I have had this sinking feeling that something is going to happen to my MacBook. Like, it’s going to get stolen or it’s going to crash. It’s completely irrational but I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to do a hypothetical postmortum to determine what I would have done differently. Read More

  • An Inside Look at Working for YNAB

    I started at You Need a Budget (YNAB) about a year ago as a software developer. I was super excited about joining the YNAB team, had a bunch of enthusiasm built up and and was very curious to see what things looked like on the inside. Why? Well, because from the outside, things looked really good. From a company, busin... Read More

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