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  • Ansible Provisioning for my Raspberry Pi

    A few years back, I bought a Pogoplug and got Arch Linux ARM running on it. It was a lot of fun to work on and I eventually got it configured as a Samba file server, DLNA media server, and running my vistaicm-server project to control my Honeywell Alarm System. It was suprisingly stable and I learned to love Arch Linux while fiddling w... Read More

  • Alexa Skill Presentation

    About a year ago I started attending the Node.js Houston (@nodejshouston) Meetup to meet some other JavaScript developers here in Houston and to, of course, learn more about Node.js and JavaScript. It’s a great meetup with a good amount of participation and solid presentations. Awhile back Alan, one of the organizers of the group asked if ther... Read More

  • ASP.NET Core / React SPA Template

    A few weeks ago, I really wanted to build something new. As I tweeted, I really wanted to build something as an excuse to play with some new tools. There are so many languages, frameworks, tools out there today for building software! Read More

  • The Joel Test - Updated for Today

    You have heard of The Joel Test, right? It’s “a twelve-question measure of the quality of a software team.”¹, from Joel Spolsky the super talented guy behind applications like Excel, Stack Overflow, FogBugz and Trello. I have been familiar with this list for quite some time and have worked for more than one company... Read More

  • Deep Work

    Deep Work Book Recently, at @ynab we all read the book Deep Work by Cal Newport and discussed ways in which we can do our best work, efficicently. I enjo... Read More

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